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Empowering your child’s mind with jolly phonics literacy skills that last a lifetime

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Jolly Phonics

Turn your child's brain into a human calculator through Abacus

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Abacus Maths

montessori teachers traing in kolkata

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery

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Teachers' Training


Concept Learning via rich media. Deep learning, based upon the Learn-Practice-Test pedagogy.


Different tools allow for the application of concepts. Encourages independent learning and maintains continuity from school to house


Robust adaptive testing. Students must be attentive and consistent in their learning, so they can determine which information is most important for the test.

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Fusion Academy

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Our academy has grown to be one of India’s most prestigious academy, providing excellence in education for our students. We have dedicated teachers who are trained in directing their energies towards learning for children.

Fusion Academy can also be a cheaper option because of our online learning facilities. We offer lower tuition fees than other academy.

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Abacus classes (Age group 4 to 14 years). A strong mathematical foundation, It helps your child to solve Mathematical problems 10-15 times faster and develop speed, accuracy and creativity.

online jolly phonics classes

Jolly Phonics is a popular and effective method for teaching children how to read and write in English. It is a systematic and multi-sensory approach that uses actions, songs, and games to engage children in the learning process.



Certified teachers’ training courses in ABACUS & MONTESSORI TEACHERS TRAINING through online and offline classes & get Govt. approoved Certificate.


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Educational Change, Education that Speaks. To know more about our techniques of learning please contact us.

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All Parents Want Their Child To Get The Best Possible Education And Ensure That They Are Well Equipped With The Grades Required To Fulfill Their Future Ambitions. It Is Inevitable That A Student Is Under An Appropriate Atmosphere Whether Being Outside The School Or Inside The School.

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