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How do you learn English correctly? There has been enough written and spoken about the shortcomings of rote learning, which is how most people learned the language. If this is not the right way to learn English, then what is?

Intuition is the best way to learn language. How did we learn our mother tongues? It was learned by listening to the sounds around you; then sounds are translated into words and words are then strung together to form sentences. It is fundamentally deciphering the sounds around us that helps us learn our mother tongue. If this is the natural and intuitive way to learn language, why not apply the same principle when teaching English to our children?

This is what Phonics Power does. Our basic phonics program introduces English sounds through songs, stories, and dramatization. Children are encouraged to use their newly acquired sound knowledge for spelling and reading. Our first step is to improve our listening skills. Through listening to the sounds of our children read and spell, in the following years they learn more about speaking and comprehension. This eventually leads to structural understanding and independent writing.


Ceria Philosophy

Aims and Objectives:

  • To become a Phonics Trainer certified
  • To learn an additional skill as a teacher in the pre-primary classroom
  • To understand the child-centric approach to the foundation for reading and writing English Language.

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Program and Activites

This multisensory approach is designed for children. It contains a wide range of teaching and learning tools for students.

Questions & Answer

Jolly Phonics is an artificial phonics method for teaching children the alphabetic codes of English. Jolly Phonics was created by Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham, primary teachers. It is published by Jolly Learning Ltd. in the UK.

Grammar is essential to understand, write, and speak English well. However, it should not become boring for children. Jolly Grammar makes grammar fun for children by making key concepts of grammar more interesting. You can choose from any topic such as tenses, prepositions and articles. Jolly Grammar shows how grammar can be fun. To help children recognize the parts of speech within sentences, we use colour coding and other actions. Jolly grammar helps children spell and punctuate with greater accuracy, use a wider vocabulary, and understand how the language works.

Phonics refers to the science of learning different phonemes (sounds in words) and how to spell and read them. For example, /e/ means ‘eh’ and /b/ means ‘buh’. Children must learn how to teach English reading with phonics. The sound of the letter d is pronounced as ‘duh’ in the English word ‘dog’. They are taught how to combine the sounds of different letters (/duh-o-guh/), to create words such as ‘dog’. Phonics helps children to crack the English alphabetic codes quickly so that they can read unknown words.

Jolly Phonics uses multi-sensory methods to teach children the letter sounds. Each sound has a storyline and an action, song, and work sheet. Children will remember the sound more easily if they do an action that is associated with it, such as rubbing their stomachs and saying “mmmmm” to the /m/ sound.